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How To Consume

Lactamama is your best partner during your breastfeeding journey,  addressing your every need from breastfeeding hunger, low breast milk supply and clogged milk duct.


General Consumption 

  • Consume as needed for essential breastfeeding nutrition or to address breastfeeding hunger.

  • Recommended daily intake:
    1 to 2 sachet(s)

Milk booster

Increase Breast Milk Supply 

  • Consume as needed to increase breast milk supply and ensure enough milk storage.

  • Recommended daily intake:
    2 to 4 sachets

Clogged milk duct

Clogged Milk Duct Prevention

  • Consume when you start experiencing early signs of a clogged milk duct such as tingling, itching and discomfort. 

  • Recommended intake:
    1 to 2 sachet(s)

How To Prepare

Mix 1 sachet with 150ml - 180ml of warm water, stir evenly and enjoy!


Avoid using extremely hot boiling water, as it could potentially affect the nutritional content of Lactamama.

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